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 Rules of the Website

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PostSubject: Rules of the Website   Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:08 pm

PG-15 Rating
I know that PG-15 isn't an actual choice, but let's keep it clean. Swearing is fine, as long as it isn't at another member. Just don't go into insane amount of detail on scenes that shouldn't have an insane amount of detail.

Semi - Literate
This means that each post for each of your characters should be at least three sentences long, not including dialogue. Use detail!

Do not take over.
Give the other person a chance to respond. Do not control the other person's character, either. Example of what NOT to do: Wolfa grabbed Promise by the neck, sinking his teeth into his jugular. Promise couldn't breathe. Wolfa threw Promise into an old oak tree and listened to bones snapping. It was clear who won the fight.

Be realistic.
It's fine if wolves have fun markings of odd colors or glowing eyes, but no super powers. Also, this means that wolves do, in fact, die. It is okay if you have one or two main characters that hardly get injured and that you do not want to kill off, but this is a semi - logical site.

You do not control your atmosphere.
This means: NO hunters, NO bears, NO guns, NO floods, NO fires, nothing. There will be a forum stating the conditions, date, and time of the given role playing days. If you want to do something fun, PM me first.

Breaking any of the rules stated results in these repercussions:
First Offence: Simple warning over a PM.
Second Offence: Banned from role playing for 24 hours.
Third Offence: Banned from the site for one (1) week.
Fourth Offence: Banned from the site for one (1) month.
Fifth Offence: Banned from the site indefinitely.
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Rules of the Website
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